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Singapore company registration service provider

Singapore is one of the most attractive Asian countries for aspiring entrepreneurs. Here they are provided with many guarantees and privileges, including intellectual property rights, a flexible tax system, and excellent communications. The small state is favorably located near constantly growing markets. In addition, it has strong trade and economic ties with more than 100 countries. Due to this fact, more and more business participants wish to register a company in Singapore.

The process of setting up a new organization or branch office may seem overwhelming. However, there are companies available to any business owner that specialize in the registration of business new legal entities in Singapore.

Company incorporation Singapore and main statements

Any Singapore corporation is subject to the registration process, which is clearly supported by the applicable laws of Singapore. So, more and more interested entrepreneurs are turning to company registration services. A new private limited liability company must have:

  • at least one shareholder;
  • a minimum of one director permanently;
  • secretary.


In addition, the owner of the resulting entity is required to provide its registered office and pay a capital payment of $1. For company registration in Singapore for foreigners, the owner must provide a copy of the passport, proof of residence, and a letter of recommendation for non-resident directors and shareholders issued by a banking institution. Non-resident shareholders and directors are required to give a copy of their Singapore Identity Card and a copy of their foreign passport.

Requirements for establishing a company

Individual company set up process consists of several steps that are mandatory for any candidate:

  1. Learning the rules of business registration in Singapore.
  2. Finding out the corporate peculiarities of the future organization and collecting the necessary documents.
  3. Approving the name of the company.
  4. Finalizing the incorporation documents.
  5. Registration and opening a bank account.

Every manager is interested in ensuring that the stages of registration of a business take as little time as possible. If the legal requirements are met, and the company owner clearly understands the company’s activities, all possible delays can be minimized.

company registration service provider in Singapore
Company registration services

Profitable streamlined company incorporation service in Singapore for a growing business

It can be difficult to register a new organization on your own. Therefore, it is better to contact an agency offering help with registration of business. Business activity in Singapore is incredibly high. Today, experienced specialists of such an agency can register a new legal entity in just a few hours. Company registration services will minimize bureaucratic red tape and quickly outsource its financial and accounting documents. An essential stage of registration is choosing a company name. For this purpose, it is necessary to:

  • enter information into a special form;
  • search for the name in which the agency’s specialists will assist you;
  • certify the relevant documentation;
  • proceed to further stages of registration.

Specialists will also help promote your business and fulfill all the most critical requirements. These include regular filings with ACRA and the Singapore Revenue Authority, bookkeeping, personnel records, etc.

Necessary regulation documents for the company

A company providing professional registration support will facilitate the collection of supporting documents for the client. Based on the client’s wishes, the agency’s specialists dealing with business broadband in Singapore will not only perform the assigned tasks. Still, they will also advise on the required documents for various purposes, including KYC stipulated by the Singapore legislation. The customer can avoid the notarization of such documents. In most cases, sending them to the agency’s website will be sufficient.

Professionals are ready to offer you advertising and promotion services for your business

The owner of an already established company will be required to:

  • organization of advertising of own activities;
  • promotion of the enterprise on the market;
  • improving product sales;
  • preparation and submission of necessary reports.

A specialized agency will help at all stages of enterprise registration and assist in its subsequent activities.

Assistance with to introduce new business in Singapore

If you need support for the first year after you set up your business, we have something for you:

  • safe custody of constituent documents;
  • work of the corporate secretary;
  • preparation for annual meetings;
  • filing of tax returns;
  • incorporation of new shareholders;
  • no restrictions on changing the company’s name, registered office, or officers.

The services of registration of individual entrepreneurs are in exceptional demand in Singapore. To speed up the routine procedures and get your business up and running as soon as possible, contact the experts who can provide excellent support.


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