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There is a tendency in modern business to engage outsource companies to handle accounting, HR and other related processes of companies. It allows optimizing the workflow and structuring business processes.

Outsourcing enables to manage an enterprise without knowledge of complex accounting and HR procedures.

Simply delegate these tasks to a professional FCHAIN consulting company. We cooperate with our customers and become their trustworthy partner who is capable of solving any issue.

Solid Growth of your Business

Each company has to organize employees’ records while it is financially active. In order to avoid unnecessary penalties and fees, not to face the labor inspection, and to keep financial statements in order, the business owner should prioritize this task and manage their regular checkups. Otherwise, this disorganization will affect the whole company and its workers. Thus, to fulfill these duties properly, there is a need for experienced staff, and here, FCHAIN offers its highly qualified support to handle personnel records and its administration.

FCHAIN Relevant Experience

The friendly and professional atmosphere among the staff maintains a productive work process, so to support it, the HR specialist task is to ensure:

  • good labor accounting system;
  • timely paychecks;
  • clear and orderly documentation;
  • submission of statutory reporting;
  • storage of documents in due form and conditions.

We possess comprehensive experience in different business fields and provide only highly efficient assistance in managing accounting, HR and payroll activities within the company. Our successful projects may speak for themselves through our proud customers. You can rely on our qualified expert team that guarantees you success and development.

Benefits of Personnel Records Optimization Using Outsourcing Company

Hiring an outsourcing multi-profile company like FCHAIN has a number of advantages for your enterprise:

  • keeping the staff records in order allows you to support the reputation and to compete on the market in business area of your company;
  • management can focus on strategic issues and initiatives with more flexibility to assign staff and allocate resources to high-value projects;
  • reengineering of business practices and processes, which provides the opportunity to incorporate best-in-class practices, thus improving performance and reducing costs;
  • management is free to focus more time, energy and resources into building the company’s core business whereas the outsourcer is supposed to take full responsibility for managing the day-to-day back-office HR operations;
  • through outsourcing a customer reaches elimination of additional costs or cost optimization while reducing and bringing other administrative costs under better control.


Therefore, we can provide your company with great outsourcing services to develop business through supporting its workflow.


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