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The legal process outsourcing (LPO) – is a convenient way to make your legal expenses lower and to obtain a high-quality lawyer.

Today, each legal entity that uses LPO-firm’s services, can get any possible legal support that might be needed during its economic activity, including a legal research, temporary legal project management or some narrowly specialized legal issues solution. Providing a professional LPO in several countries of the Middle East and Europe for more than 14 years, FCHAIN Corporation has gained much experience in juridical maintenance. So we want to share some benefits, that are provided by outsourcing.

Useful for any type of business

Whatever is the activity of your company, the LPO will defiantly improve it. If you being on the very beginning of your business, or already developing several affiliates, – the legal outsourcing will significantly reduce all costs of contracts drafting, litigations and daily economic activity. We propose special LPO to each enterprise of any industry and develop the individual programs.

Reliable partnership

It’s been a long time when the service market has low competition. Now, to conquer with the best LPO-providers a company must meet many qualification requirements. FCHAIN stands among the most perspective and experienced consulting firms of Europe and the quality of our work can be proved by many satisfied clients. Confidentiality and reliability of our partnership is guaranteed by contractual responsibilities.

Much cheaper than the full-time staff

When using a local staff to organize the company’s legal activity, an employer must provide decent working conditions, such as:

  • a full-time workspace;
  • individual working tools (as a computer, paper, office equipment);
  • set of documents of each employee;
  • labor contracts;
  • insurance and etc.

But if you need a fast and targeted solution, or you are not confident of the employee’s work efficiency despite the investments in staffing system – it’s better to leave it to professional outsourced lawyers. Taking advantage of our proposal, the employer will not be disturbed by all those issues, because an outsourced maintenance relieves the proprietor from such problems. We optimize our work, so our low prices are caused by centralized and coordinated team and it’s never affects the quality


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