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Business services and outsourcing - FCHAIN

Solving accounting and legal issues is the case to professionals. Financial Chain Corporation provides an all-round range of essential services related to compliance in accounting with all regulatory requirements and adapts them to changing local and global markets.

Our experience and proficiency in consulting allows meeting the needs of even the most demanding companies, by supporting their expansion in international business.

Financial Chain Corporation clients can take advantage of our package of outsourcing services in:

  • bookkeeping and accounting
  • audit and advisory
  • tax and legal services
  • regulatory services


No matter, what are your short-term and long-term purposes in your operations growth process – you can bring it to a completely new global level and expand your market with FCHAIN Corporation.

Take a proactive approach and a strategic vision

Take a look at the goals of growth you are pursuing in terms of strategic development perspective, on a larger scale. Through a whole range of flexible services provided by FCHAIN Corporation at the highest level, you will bring your company to new markets and gain incredible competitive benefits.

Your reliable partner for solving all issues

Tune in to global international expansion. Optimize many processes with the experience of a reliable partner, solving all the objectives, that your company faces quickly and easily. From the very first step to getting real results.

FCHAIN Corporation offers its clients a wide variety of outsourcing services in accounting, compliance and payroll services. With our support, you can easily adjust to all regulatory changes both in local and international markets.

There are no specialists recruit issues

The goal of our company is to be your main partner and assistant in a situation when you may consider recruiting to be too costly or redundant. We are always ready to make our services even more beneficial for you, aggregate them, providing thus a fully outsourced finance function and all necessary global and national network support, in order you remain calm.

Fully concentrating on your business objectives

Regardless of the ambitions and the level of your company, Financial Chain Corporation is ready to take on the full burden of regulatory compliance and accounting management. Thanks to our comprehensive support, you’ll be able to focus directly on important business challenges to achieve the best results of your operations.

FCHAIN Corporation delivers crucial benefits:

  • Collaboration through a single supplier under a single general service agreement will ensure the necessary efficiency in your operations.
  • Local delivery and centralized coordination. A centralized service coordination team from our company combines forces with local experts to deliver through a single point of contact.
  • Easy planning and detailed reporting. We create consistent and regular reporting models that are as convenient as possible for each company.
  • The service provided to clients on individual, favorable terms in all countries.
  • Track project status online, getting the most important information through a single client portal. Risk management and project activity data 24 hours a day.


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