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Accounting services - outsourcing accounting services in Singapore

Accounting issues are relevant for any company. Activities related to the reflection of the balance sheet, registration of all financial transactions, and income accounting require high responsibility and accuracy. Timely submission of necessary reports, control of essential documentation, etc., is no less important. A full-time accountant can not always cope with the tasks at hand. In addition, high costs are unacceptable for some sensitive categories of business. In such cases, it is better to seek the services of an outsource accounting company. Specialists will undertake the necessary bookkeeping operations at your enterprise.

When is it better to order outsource bookkeeping services?

It is advisable to order outsource accounting services from a company that specializes in bookkeeping and reporting if:
• Accounting in the organization was interrupted for an extended period and needs to be restored;
• The accounting department made mistakes in the documents, which led to shortages;
• The customer has been keeping records independently but has encountered problems that are difficult to resolve;
• The maintenance of one full-time employee or several employees of the accounting department is not profitable, or they work inefficiently;
• in case of forthcoming inspections by regulatory authorities;
• when important documents are incorrectly maintained or lost.
In all such situations, outsourced bookkeeping services will help you to correctly organize your company’s accounting activities and restore them after forced interruptions and failures.

What is accounting & Bookkeeping required for?

Analytical and financial accounting reflects events related to the turnover of material resources, cash, and other assets belonging to the organization. Data obtained as a result of accounting is beneficial not only for reporting but also for making critical management decisions that affect the business’s future success.

The assistance of an accounting firm will be relevant if it is not profitable for an entrepreneur to employ an accounting specialist or to maintain an appropriate department consisting of a large number of employees. In addition, outsource accounting services Singapore will help to restore the company’s accounting in case of long-term loss of information or systemic errors in accounting documentation.

Features of accounting services Singapore

Responsible professional outsource accounting services Singapore work in strict compliance with the country’s legislation.

To start cooperation with an accounting firm, it is necessary to:

  • conclude a contract with it that clearly states the rights and obligations of the parties;
  • hand over primary and secondary documentation for further work;
  • a full inventory will also be required if the accounting department is restored;
  • allow the contractor to adjust the company’s databases according to current, recordable business transactions;
  • authorize the maintenance of the balance sheet, as well as the submission of reports to the fiscal authorities.

In addition, the client of outsource accounting can receive expert accounting advice. Such services are in high demand in Singapore today.

Accurate and efficient accounts

More and more organizations prefer outsource accounting due to the desire to save time and money. Outsourcing non-core business segments allows them to focus on more important business issues and goals. Control and accurate maintenance of accounts is the main thing that is assumed by the contractor entrusted with the client company’s accounting documents.

How accounting services are managed after the conclusion of a typical contract

Outsourcing accounting services begins with collecting documents and their correct entry into the electronic accounting system. The list of services includes:
• account and code management;
• recording movements in accounts;
• preparation and submission of periodic statements;
• calculating accounts payable and receivable;
• analyzing and displaying asset movements;
• accounting of profits and other key accounting characteristics.
All necessary documentation is prepared for the customer’s outsourced bookkeeping services, after which he can objectively assess its activities and make plans for the future.

Tax and legal services in outsourcing

Tax planning and tax advice are an important part of the services of an outsourced bookkeeping company in Singapore. The tasks of such an organization will include:

  • preparation of unaudited financial statements;
  • drafting of Forms CS, C, ECI, and other documents relevant to tax return preparation;
  • consolidation of group accounts with the first subsidiary;
  • providing support in setting up GST as well as XBRL formation;
  • carrying out other tax accounting transactions.

Clients can also expect to receive tax accounting consultancy on any issue.

Features of business tax accountant

Business tax accounting is an important task of outsourcing accounting services. Clients are provided with professional tax planning and a range of auditing services in huge demand among business players in Singapore.


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